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Visions and Values

Two Village Values


During the academic year 2017-18,  pupils, staff, parents and governors worked together to decide on a set of school values.


4 values were chosen:








What we want for our whole school community



  • Learning experiences that are exciting, interesting, rewarding and purposeful...and fun.
  • A curriculum that is full of opportunities to be challenged, perform, and compete.
  • Learning that is reflective, thoughtful, internalised and consolidated.
  • Children who “learn to learn” and are independent, resilient and determined to succeed.
  • Children who know their contribution will be valued by others. They are confident enough to make mistakes, and learn from them.
  • Teaching that is purposeful, organised and focussed on our priorities.
  • The highest standards of learning support for all children.
  • A school that continually learns about itself and its achievements through effective monitoring and evaluation, and focussed planning and development.



  • Maximum capacity to improve with high levels of professional competence and effectiveness in the leadership team, all staff, governors and other adults who work with us.
  • Full use made of the resources of the community to enhance the capacity of the school to achieve its goals.
  • Effective succession planning and educational and career development for all children, staff and governors.
  • Highly effective partnerships with support teams from other agencies that will develop and work in partnership with the school.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly learning, with very efficient use of natural resources and greater awareness of resource limitations in other parts of the world.
  • Independence for all.
  • spiritual environment with time and space for peace and thoughtfulness.



  • A school that is at the heart of the community providing a vibrant, stimulating and exciting learning environment so that parents want their children to come here, and stay here.
  • Racial and religious understanding and harmony.
  • Excellent relationships between adults and children, in which children and adults are very supportive of one another.
  • High standards of behaviour and personal responsibility.
  • Inclusion of all children in all the activities in school.
  • Checks and safeguarding systems are completed to the highest standard so that children feel very safe at school, and understand safe and unsafe situations.
  • High standards of health and well-being, with very effective emotional and psychological support for all children.
  • Bullying is not tolerated, and children are pro-active in helping to prevent it.
  • Children are happy in taking risks to develop their learning.
  • Attendance and punctuality are considered important, and are very good.
  • Excellent partnerships with other support agencies - police, churches, social services, counselling.



  • High standards of achievement in the school, and for the whole school community.
  • Good progress is made by all groups of children, the staff, and everyone in the school community.
  • Achievements in every aspect of the curriculum are recognised and celebrated, including the creative and expressive arts, sports and contributions to the community.
  • Professional development and career achievements for staff are strongly supported and enabled.
  • A vibrant, challenging and enabling environment for everyone.