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24.07.2019 - Last day of term

Summer Term 1 Photos

Picture 1

To start the new term we have been revision different ways to show a multiplication.  We can shows these as a number calculation, equal groups, skip counting, an array and as a repeated addition.

Picture 1

Jack and the Beanstalk

As our topic is Jack and the Beanstalk we of course have planted our own beanstalks, complete with our very on castles.  Will they all reach the castle? 

How long will it take?

Whose beanstalk will reach the top first?


Picture 1

Doubling Numbers

We have been using numicon, counters, dinosaurs and even teddy bears to help us to double numbers to ten.  We just have to make sure we have the same number twice! 


Picture 1


One day 6 we have started to see some growth!  


However some beans are still hiding deep down in the soil, perhaps they are shy! 

Picture 1


We have started to learn all about division, it is really just sharing!  We start with a big number and share it equally between either 2, 5 or 10 people.  Then we see how many one person would get.  But don't forget it MUST BE EQUAL, each group MUST have the same amount!

Picture 1

Science Experiment

After looking at what a plant needs to grow to be healthy ans strong......

...... They needs soil, light, water, warmth, space and nurtrients...... just in case you didn't know!

We have decided to test which material will be the best to use to grow cress.  Out teacher says that cress grows super quick so we will able to see some results very soon.

We have chosen to use, soil, paper, cotton wool and foil.  

Which material will be the best?

Which material will be the worst?

Why do you think that?

Will paper be the worst because it will get soggy?

Will cotton wool be the best because it will keep the seeds warm?  Perhaps soil will be the best because it have nutrients?

We will just have to wait and see!!!

Picture 1

More planting!

As well as beans we have been planting sunflowers and courgettes.  We are tidying up our class garden and have lots of places where we can plant the flowers when they are ready to be planted outside.