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24.07.2019 - Last day of term

Spring Term Photos

Here are some photos of the things we have been doing

in class recently.

Maths - Looking at tens and ones

We have started some brand new learning all about partitioning two digit numbers into ten and ones.  To start this new learning we did a lot of work using tens sticks and ones cubes and made lots of different numbers up to 100!  It was great fun and we were able to use this new understanding to move to more pictorial and abstract concepts.

Building Sentences


Today we were using all of our phonics skills to help us to read and build sentences.  In pairs we had to rearrange a sentence which our teacher had muddled up, she's so cheeky!  First we have to read all of our words, then we looked for the word with a capital letter because this helps us to know that it is the first word.  Next we looked for the word with the full stop, this is our last word.  Then we sorted the words we had left. 

Finally we read the sentence to make sure it made sense.

Picture 1

Our first book focus in English this term is Handa's surprise.  As part of our learning to generate and use adjectives we got to try the fruits from the story.  We will use all of the adjectives we thought of to write descriptive sentences.

Some of the fruits were really yummy and we got to try some new fruits that we hadn't tried before.  We all really liked the pineapple, it was so juicy and sweet..... but we weren't so keen on the avocado!  The passion fruit was really interesting to look at, there were so many little seeds inside.  They were really colourful too, inside the shell of the fruit it looked spiky but it was actually really soft!  We were really interested in this fruit!  

Picture 1

As part of our Science work we will be learning how to sort animals into categories according to what they eat, how they have babies or how they breath.  During our first lesson we shared some of our previous knowledge with our friends.  What do we already know about animals?   

We think we know that lions eat meat, but not meat from a shop! They have to hunt and kill other animals! OH DEAR! 

We know that giraffes have a long neck and a long tongue! We know that crocodiles hide in muddy water and pretend to be a log, then they try to catch other animals to eat.  Elephants have a trunk and they use this to pull leaves from the trees!


We did some group work to see how many ways we could sort animals using the things we already know.  We could sort animals that fly and animals who can not fly.  Animals who can swim and animals who can't swim.  Animals with 2 legs, 4 legs, 6 legs or even no legs at all!

Picture 1

In art we have been looking at primary colours and how we can mix and blend these colours to make new colours.  It was great fun mixing the paints to make new shades of green, purple and orange.  We used this skill to blend two colours to make an African background.  We then cut out animal silhouettes to stick and make a scene.

Picture 1

In Maths our focus in 2d and 3d shapes. 

We have been learning the names of common 2d shapes and using the correct vocabulary to describe them. 

We have really impressed our teacher!  

Did you know that a rectangle can also be called an oblong? 

Did you know that a square has 4 sides which are all the same length, these means they are equal! 

Did you know that a semi-circle has one curved side, one straight side and two corners?