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24.07.2019 - Last day of term

Home Learning

Home Learning


Set: Friday

Due: Following Friday


Each week you should be reading at least five times as part of your home learning. This can be independently or to an adult at home. Remember to record the reading that you do at home in your reading record and ask an adult to sign it for you. Reading records will be checked on Fridays.


Adults - You can support your child with their reading at home and maximise the impact that this has by doing the following things with them:


New Vocabulary: Each time your child comes across a new word that is unfamiliar, you can discuss this with your child. It may be that your child comes across this word whilst they are reading independently, but encourage them to note it down and then to talk to you about it afterwards. You could look up the meaning in the dictionary, ask your child to write a sentence using the word and even keep a list of these words and regularly ask your child the meaning of each one.


Summarising: Ask your child to summarise what they have just read - e.g. Can you tell me what has just happened on this page? What are the most important events that have happened in the chapter you have just read?



Each week, you will be set some tasks on Mathletics to complete which will be based on what we have been covering in maths lessons in class. Log into your account on the following link to complete this:

If you experience any problems with logging onto Mathletics, please let Mr Brundle know. 


Times Tables

Every week you will be allocated 20 minutes to complete on Times Table Rock Stars. This session will focus on a specific times table - and the related division facts - and can be completed at any point in the week by logging onto your account at home. You may wish to complete this in one block, or log in and complete a few minutes each day. You can either log onto the website (using the link below) or can download the Times Table Rock Star app to complete this. If you experience any problems in logging in, please let Mr Brundle know. 



You will be given a list of spellings on a Friday which will be tested in school on the following Friday. These spellings will either be words that are based on the rule or pattern that we are learning in class that week, or will be taken from your personal common exception word list. You should practise these words at home each week in preparation for a test each Friday. Remember to use a strategy to help you practise these words. Have a look at the document below, to help you remember the strategies: 


Optional Home Learning

In addition to the tasks above, you may wish to complete some additional work at home to deepen your understanding of our current topic, however the above tasks must take priority.


There are a range of tasks that you may choose to complete throughout the term. Remember to bring them into school once you have completed them to share with the rest of the class.