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Sowing the Seeds for Success - With God Nothing is Impossible - Luke 1:37

Autumn Term 2019

Throughout the Autumn Term our topic revolves around 

The Great Fire of London.  We also have an over arching enquiry question, 'How do we cope with adversity?'.

It is with these focus points in mind we will begin to learn all about the tragic events related to The Great Fire of London and how this impacted the people at the time as well as the impact it has had over the last 350 years. 


Showing Numbers in Different Ways. 

We are so good at partitioning two digit numbers that we have now moved to showing these numbers in different combinations. 

Learning how to use a dictionary. 

Looking for different materials around our school.

Making Bread 

To link our topic of The Great Fire of London and our English unit, instruction texts we decided to become Thomas Farriner and make bread.  We had to follow the instructions carefully and work as a team to be successful.  We were so excited and loved making our own bread. 

Our finished products and they tasted great!! 


To help us to write our own instructions we have looked at imperative verbs, sorted good and bad instructions and ordered sets of instructions. 

How to Make a Jam Sandwich

In English we have been looking at writing instructions.  We learned that we must be really accurate and specific to be successful.  We have to give instructions to Miss Barker so that she could make a jam sandwich. 

Our first instruction was....

Get the bread and put on the butter and jam.

Do you know what she did? 

She picked up the bread, put it on the table and piled the butter and jam on top! 

Whoops! We had to be more specific and clear. 

First get two slices of bread and spread the butter on with a knife. 

Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s!


Adding and Subtracting using tens and ones.

Comparing number calculations in Maths. 

We know all about comparing number using < > = symbols so we’ve now moved on to comparing number calculations.  To start us off we use numicon to help us to visualise what we had to do.

What is a synonym? 

In English we have been learning about synonyms so we can use them in our writing.  This will help us to make our writing more interesting.

Researching Samuel Pepys

Who was Samuel Pepys?

What was his job?

Why was he an important person during 1666?

Why is he an important person from History?

Who was in his family? 


As part of our topic we have been looking at houses from the past.  We have linked this to our Science topic of Materials.  

What materials were houses made from in 1666?

How did this impact during the fire?

How do houses today differ from those in the past? 

What Learning Have We Been Up To........

In Math was have been looking at linked number calculations.  We have used wheat we already know to help us to solve calculations with larger numbers.

For example, if we know that 3 + 4 = 7

we also know that 30 + 40 = 70

Comparing The Great Fire of London to Grenfell Tower


As part of our History curriculum we have been comparing aspects of the past to those of the present day.  Our teacher read us a newspaper report all about a devastating fire, at first we thought it was about The Great Fire of London.  But in fact it was about the terrible fire in Grenfell Tower in 2017.  We watched some clips of the fire, we saw how the fire spread and how it impacted people.  We then worked in mixed pairs to read and sort statements about each of the fires.  Was the statement about The Great Fire of London...... “some people escaped the fire on boats” or was the statement about Grenfell Tower.... “Sadly 72  people died in the fire” or was it statement about both.... “ many people were left homeless”. 

Column Addition and Subtraction.

In Math was have been looking at using column addition and subtraction. We spent a long time on this area of Maths to ensure we really understood the process but more importantly why this way works.  We have a good knowledge of place value so it all makes a lot of sense to us!!


In Year 2 we can show a multiplication as a calculation, as equal groups, skip counting, as an array and as a repeated addition.  We are also able to show the calculations as a fact family.....

3 x 5 = 15

5 x 3 = 15

15 = 5 x 3 

15 = 3 x 5 

When we start focusing on division we will able able to link our knowledge of multiplication to this too. 

Tiny Rugby

During the second half of the Autumn term we were lucky enough to have six sessions with Mr Gale from Tiny Rugby.  We love our sessions especially when we get to go outside! Rugby isn’t really rugby without a bit of mud!!! Even Miss Barker joins in but she’s not as good as us!

Christmas Jumper Day and

Our Nativity Performance of The Inn Spectors 

The Great Fire of London

All term our topic has focused around The Great Fire of London.  We’ve loved the topic and learned so much.  We’re sad it’s time to move on to some new learning actually.  During the term Miss Barker mentioned the some schools had made their own houses, created their own Pudding Lane and then set the houses on fire to recreate the fire.  

We were desperate to do this too, but she told us NO WAY!!! 

Well it turns out that Miss Barker is a lair, lair pants on fire!!!!! 

During the last three days of term we made houses.  We had great fun working with a friend to make our houses look nice.  During the afternoon Miss Barker got us to take our finished houses on to the playground to make Pudding Lane. And what did we see out there....... our caretaker with buckets of water, sand and a fire extinguisher.  So with Miss Barker armed with a box of matches we all stood well back and watched our houses go up in flames!!! What a fantastic way to end our topic.