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24.07.2019 - Last day of term

Autumn Term 2 Topic

Autumn Term 2 Topic

Autumn Term 2 Topic 1

A Toy's Story


This term our topic is all about toys!

We will be learning about how toys have changed over time and how the toys we play with change as we grow up. We will also look at how technology has changed and how this has impacted on toys too.

In Design and Technology we will get to make two different toys which were popular many, many years ago.  We might even get to have a go at playing with some old toy and games.


Many of our lessons will link to our topic.  In Science we will look at 'Everyday Materials'.  We will learn about where materials come from, how and why there are used for certain jobs and how their uses have changed.  We will look at which materials are used for toys and which are the most popular and why depending on their properties. 


And if we are really good........ perhaps Father Christmas will bring us some new toys for Christmas!!!