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Acorn Class - Reception

Welcome to our Acorns Class Page, 2019 to 2020!

The top of our page shows news and some of our wonderful work, with more general information for those new to or considering Two Village Primary School for their reception child at the lower part of the page.  Please email or telephone our School Office, with any queries that you have, as they will be only too happy to help you.

We are very sad that we are not at school at the moment but fully appreciate that this is the safest way right now.  Mrs Warner, Mrs Willis and myself, Mrs Styant, hope that all of you Acorns and your families and friends are keeping healthy and safe during this time and we hope that you enjoy the daily challenges that are being set via Tapestry, with the help of our Class Dojo Page.  We love seeing what you are doing at home and we look forward to seeing you again, hopefully soon!
Here is our Summer Term learning map, which shows where we are taking our learning this term, as well as our Topic and our thematic question.  Our topic is Amazing Animals and Plants and our question is, 'How can we care for our World?' which ties in with our Two Village focus value of stewardship. 

Here are our Prayers for Coronavirus, written in March 2020:



The children in Acorn Class have been thinking about how sad they feel for the people of Italy and Spain and the people anywhere in the world, who have been affected by this dreaded coronavirus.  Some of them have chosen to write and share the prayers that they have written so that we can read them and send our love to these people in need.  These are beautiful and very thoughtful prayers, well done Acorn Class!


Mayci (with April, Year 1):
"Dear God, 
Please take all of the horrible germs away. 
Please keep everyone safe. 
Please help countries to not get bad germs on each other. 
Please help Italy, Spain and all the world to fight the germs. 
Please keep everyone happy. 
Send our love to everyone everywhere."


"Dear God, I hope the Coronavirus goes away for Italy and Spain and the whole world. Please look after all the people so they can get better. Amen."


“I Hope the virus goes away and I hope you don’t get sick anymore."


"Italy we pray you stay strong and stay healthy as we walk together during this difficult time. May the Lord bless us and protect us. Amen."


"Thank you for all of our Italian people, hope sure they don’t get the yucky Illness. Hope you don’t lose your lovely houses. Amen."


" Dear God, hope we don't get the Coronavirus, hope everyone gets well, hope everyone gets food, Amen."


" Please help Spain and Italy and the people that are ill and pets that are sick, make them better and the people get better. Amen." 


"Please can the virus go coz everyone is getting it. Can you make them better? Amen." 


"I pray and hope that the virus goes away for all of us soon." 


"Dear God, 
We pray that you keep us all safe and our thoughts are with the families who have lost someone they love. Thank you for the doctors and everyone that is helping the people to get better.
We hope the Coronavirus goes away soon. Sending love and hope to all, 


"We send love to everyone who is ill with the virus. 
We thank the doctors and nurses who are caring for people who are ill. 
We hope by staying at home we can put an end to this virus and we can all be safe again. Look after yourselves and stay safe." 


" God,
Thank you for our lovely world and thank you for our lovely family and friends. I would like to ask you to keep us all safe during these scary times. Please help us to find space and time to help treat those that are poorly and protect the doctors and nurses. Amen."


" I hope people don't get sick. I hope people get better. I hope this virus goes now. Amen."


Mrs Styant:
" Dear God, please send healing to the people of Italy and Spain and to all those affected by this horrible illness. Please look after our Acorn Class and their families and the wider community. Please let them enjoy some special family time until we are safe to be back in school. Also please give courage and protection to my friends who are nurses and to all those in our wonderful hospitals. Amen."


And to finish, a poem by Neve:
'What's happening in Italy is very sad, the Corona Virus is really bad. '

Welcome to our Acorn Class page!


Teacher: Mrs Styant

TAs: Mrs Warner & Mrs Willis


Here in Reception class, we are very committed to child-led play and following the interests and ideas of the children.  We do have formal carpet sessions for teaching purposes, including Phonics (using Read Write Inc (RWI)), and circle time but much of the day is devoted to both indoor and outdoor ‘choosing time’, where the children can move freely between our learning areas.


Our classroom has been arranged with children in mind, so that the children can access resources themselves, which then enables them to lead their learning.  We have (see photos at the bottom of this section):


  • A comfy reading corner with lots of interesting books and displays relating to signs and words that they may already recognise.
  • A writing area, stocked with paper, books and various pens, magnets and resources.
  • A home role-play corner.
  • A themed tuff spot for small world play, set within our Small World area where there are many different self-access resources such as toy animals and a World map.
  • An art and craft area, where the children can select their own resources such as junk modelling materials, sticky tape, glue, ribbons, scissors and paper of various types.  Also within the same area, we have a dressing up area, with lots of different costumes and props, for the children to be whoever they want to be and to act out their own stories!
  • A Puppet Theatre area, with puppets stored just behind, so that the children can act out a story and then show it to us as an audience on the carpet for a real show!
  • A Maths and construction area, where the children can access and explore learning resources such as Numicon, counting cubes and various building blocks so they can weave Maths into their play and see the link between number and shape.
  • A dedicated and hygienic snack and food preparation area, for us to enjoy our healthy, daily snack (provided) and to teach basic cooking skills.


In line with our school values, we have a huge focus on taking responsibility and so teach and help our Acorn children to tidy up and respect our classroom environment.  We also care about the wider world and we actively encourage recycling; we sort our class rubbish into ‘Paper and Card’, ‘Other’ and ‘Food Waste’.  Our Acorn Recycling Monitors then help to empty our food bin into our EYFS composter in our garden.  This helps the children to understand how we can help to look after our world (Understanding the World) and about how to be resourceful, as we can then use the compost when we are gardening outside.


We also have a vast outside learning area with plenty of space to ride trikes, throw balls and be as active as we like to be!  The outside area is safe and gated and flows from the inside classroom with two sets of doors, one straight from the cloakroom and toilet area, which is perfect for when the children might need to grab their wellies or waterproofs.


The areas that we have and are developing outside include:


  • Versatile tuff spot tables under the rain-proof canopy
  • A Maths area, with lots of outdoor resources like giant Numicon
  • A Writing area, with a giant blackboard and a mark-making area with chalks and mops
  • A Reading area
  • A water play area with outside tap
  • A TeePee type construction, for Role Play
  • A Physical area, with tyres and a spongy surface.
  • A large mud kitchen, with an assortment of pots and pans and lots of mud!
  • A sand digging area, where you can climb in and hunt for numbers, letters or even treasure using diggers
  • A Jurassic-style dinosaur area with giant dinosaurs
  • A Weather station
  • An adjoining outdoor garden for planting and watching seasonal changes, with a bird-watching look out and bug area.


The school grounds are also beautiful, with a true countryside setting, where we can see various birds, insects and even squirrels and, on our walk to our local church, we can even see horses in the field.


We have termly topics with a broad theme and with a thematic question that we consider but, as we are child-led, we will also be able to theme the learning more ‘in the moment’ to take account of interests or changes in the children’s lives or to take a look at celebrations like Diwali or Fireworks Night.


You will find a copy of the current term’s curriculum map here on our Class Page.


These are the topics for the three terms, along with the relevant thematic question:


TERM 1: Fairy Tales and Castles (and Celebrations around the World)

Question: Can we say characters are good or bad?


TERM 2: Superheroes and those who help us (and Celebrations around the World)

Question: What makes each person special?


TERM 3: Animals and Plants (and Celebrations around the World)

Question: How can we care for our World?


If you have any further questions or would like to book a visit, please do not hesitate to contact our school office, via our School Contact page. Here are some photos for you to look at:


Our reading area
Our writing area
Our role play home area
Our art area
Our dressing up area
Our small world area
Our carpet learning space
Our maths area
Our construction (combined with maths) area

Curriculum Map Autumn Term 2019 to 2020

Curriculum Map Spring Term 2019 to 2020